About GlobalAdGuru

GlobalAdguru is founded by Mr. Anil Garg & Mr. Vivek Garg(Advisor) by a motive to make the advertisement easy and affordable for advertisers and to motivate the people to utilize their space for advertisement and earn.
"Advertising for All"
We GlobalAdguru are the aggregators to reduce the gap between the advertiser and advertisee, we are providing you a platform where you can register your vehicle, social media pages, blogging websites, etc. for advertisement. You will get paid on the basis of your subscriber base.
We are helping you to grow, both the advertiser and the advertisee in this era of lit competition. There are no hidden charges for registration for advertisee as well as for advertisers. You both can connect at our portal hundreds of times free of cost.
It is the biggest platform for Indian youth who is crazy for social media and blogging websites to earn more by following their passion. Yeah, now your passion will let you earn.


You can earn if you are:
Vehicle owner
Social media influencer

For Advertisers


Why advertisement on Vehicles?

Advertisements on the cars could be a very big approach for advertisers to viral their brand and to aware the audience about their services. Vehicles can actually target the random audience as well as specific on the basis of demographics that is the reason it is worth doing advertisements on vehicles. Pick vehicles from GlobalAdguru and advertise your service.


Why Digital Media?

21st century is the digital century, where everyone surfs the internet and spends time on stuff based on their interest. Your presence on the internet shows your activeness and via digital media marketing, you can easily target your potential customers. From interest and behavior to demographics you can target your audience easily. And again, GlobalAdguru made it easy for you to pick the websites and social media pages based on your niche and contact the owners directly to advertise your brand on their website, blogs or on social media.

For Advertisee

Your registration is free and will remain free always on GlobalAdguru you can register your advertising spot on Globaladguru on that specific category and you will get in touch with an advertiser directly soon. No Hidden Charges. No formalities. No Brokerage. GlobalAdguru provided you an opportunity to earn through your passion.